Rose Pruning

Do you like your bushes to look great around your yard? Well, you have to do some pruning every once and a while, but first of all, what is pruning all about?

Pruning encourages new growth. Today we’re talking about roses. You want to prune roses in February and March. That’s when you want to really knock them down. You may have some roses that are four or five feet tall, but you’re gonna bring them down to 12 or 18 inches. It promotes new growth and revitalizes them. It really makes a big difference. You also want to fertilize so that they do well in the spring.

We’re gonna have a great selection of roses at the feed store. If anyone is looking for some bare root roses that are potted and ready to plant, we’ll have a good selection.

If you have roses you have to spray fungicides. Unless you have the knockouts or carefree, you don’t need to spray as often with those. We carry topical and systemic fungicides. It’s good to alternate, using both of them, from week to week.

We have two different types of pruners. These are for larger canes, and for smaller canes you can use a small pair like this. I do recommend, before each use, disinfecting the blades with Clorox so you’re not infecting anything.

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