Toddler’s Prayer Caught on Baby Monitor Goes Viral

A video of a two-year-old girl in Seneca has gone viral; thanks to her bedtime prayers.

Sutton Whitt’s parents put her to bed Sunday night without asking her to say her usual nightly prayers.

Between running and playing like most two year old’s, the 2-year-old Seneca girl’s faith shines through song and prayer.

“She understands the power of prayer and that she will live her life knowing the power of prayer,” Kathryn Whitt, her mom said.

Her mom, Kathryn, and her dad were raised in church. They met in church and now they carry their Christian values daily raising their daughter at church and home.

“She’s impacted so many people at such a young age in the name of Jesus,” Kathryn said.

Each night before bed they help their daughter pray. Except last Sunday night they made an exception. They were in a rush to watch the Carolina Panthers game.

But they heard a noise coming from her room. So they checked their baby camera monitor. It turns out, after mom and dad left, Sutton decided to pray on her own.

“Just blown away really,” Kathryn said. “For her to be laying there and thinking about who she is thankful for and lifting that up to God, we were just really shocked.”

They were going to keep it to themselves at first, but decided to share the video on Facebook for their friends and family to see. Little did they know, it would take the internet by storm.

“It really just captivated our hearts and brought a tear to both of our eyes,” she said.

After just a few days, the video has already been viewed over 1.4 million times.

Now the family is getting messages and shares from people around the world, saying how the video has touched their lives. They believe Sutton’s faith is being used to send a message to people worldwide. Something they hope will stick with her the rest of her life.

“The world needed something so positive and so uplifting and we are just truly blessed by all of this,” Kathryn added.

In the video recorded on the family’s baby monitor, Sutton calls out the name of the people she’s praying for, including her parents, grandmother, and Santa Claus.

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