What’s next for the riders of the Newcomers Parade?

Photo Credit: KLFY

ST MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Members of the Newcomers Parade Krewe in St. Martinville have spent thousands of dollars preparing for a parade that was set to roll Sunday.

Now that the parade permit has been revoked in federal court and the parade canceled members are left with parade gear and no parade.

“They’ve spent money on costumes, throws and we have other people in the community as well that have rented floats, because some people will prepare all year for this,”  Janise Anthony, President of the Newcomers Club, told KLFY’s Kellie Brown.

Anthony explained the club was reassured by the St. Martinville City Council that the parade was a go back in November.

“I feel like elected officials have disappointed children, they have disappointed the community by not actually trying to work and resolve this peacefully,” she said.

Espinola Quinn lives in St. Martinville. Her daughter reigned as Ms. Newcomer a few years ago.

“I think I remember spending somewhere around $5000 for the dress, the headgear, the crown, the beads,” Quinn said.

She says during a time when other parades are being canceled because of the lack of funds; they were able to raise the money and followed the necessary protocol.

“We were issued a permit, we thought that we were going to have a parade. It’s not our job as common people to make sure that the laws are updated,” Quinn told KLFY.

Anthony says they are planning to join the City of Baldwin in their annual parade Saturday at noon.

“To have this all end up where it is, it’s a sad situation, it’s kind of like a bad dream,” Anthony said.


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