Indiana police officer honored after helping shooting victim with medical bills

Photo Credit: WISH

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH)— An Anderson police officer is now “Officer of the Year,” according to the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police.

Officer Shad Grile won the award because, according to police, he responded to a shooting, stopped a dangerous suspect and then helped a victim, Howard McCoy, pay for his medical bills.

McCoy has seven bullet wounds, but he’s alive to tell the story.

He said he was in front of his house on July 3 helping someone load wood into a truck.

He still doesn’t know why, but McCoy said his neighbor stepped outside and shot him. He was on the ground bleeding when Officer Grile showed up.

Then the suspect fired into the air, and eventually he pointed the gun at Grile.

“I was able to fire multiple times and get him to the ground,” Grile said. “It’s the first time, in the line of duty, that I’ve fired.”

Police arrested the suspect and he was charged with attempted murder.

McCoy’s injuries cost him thousands in medical bills and kept him from his job.

“Howard’s situation touched our whole family because he didn’t deserve what happened to him,” Grile said.

Grile’s 10-year-old daughter made a lemonade stand to raise money for McCoy. Her dad thought she might raise $50 dollars. She ended up raising $1,200.

“We cried like babies,” McCoy said. “We sure couldn’t believe it. We just said, wow. It was amazing.”

When Grile accepted his Officer of the Year award in Indianapolis, McCoy made sure he was there to congratulate him. He said, if it weren’t for Grile, he wouldn’t be alive.

“I wish I could give him an award, other than my friendship,” McCoy said. “I’d take a bullet for him right now.”

After the lemonade stand raised $1,200 dollars, other community members pitched in to bring the total to $2,500.

McCoy said he’s still struggling with his bills, but he’s now returned to work.

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