Ernest Gallet Elementary evacuates 950 students

Close to one thousand students were evacuated from Ernest Gallet Elementary Thursday morning and Youngsville Middle School opened their doors in their time of need.

A water main break made for a hectic morning at Ernest Gallet Elementary School.

“We’ve been here for about an hour waiting on the kids.”

Moments after the school day began parents were notified of an immediate evacuation.

“We could check them out till about 8:45, but it is chaos over there.”

Director of Elementary Schools, Kathy Aloisio says the water main break was discovered when Principal Monique Chargois noticed a pool of water outside the building.

“It progressively got worse, so we realized we had a busted water pipe. That meant the flushing of the toilets and cooking for the students would be impossible tasks, so that’s why we had to close,” said Aloisio.

Aloisio says the school system bused students to Youngsville Middle School to wait for their parents, or took them home if their parents couldn’t pick them up.

“The children were transported from Gallet to Youngsville Middle where we were greeted with open arms,” said Aloisio.

Aloisio says everyone worked together to make sure students got home quickly and safely.

“Considering we had 950 students and had parents coming to get their children, it went really well,” said Aloisio.

Thursday is also the last day of school before Mardi Gras break.

School officials say the Mardi Gras holiday couldn’t have come at a better time. The break will give them plenty of days to make repairs before the children return back to school.

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