Kevin Faulk talks about his 3 Super Bowl victories with KLFY Sports

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Photo Credit: KLFY

This week we’re interviewing past Super Bowl contenders who live or are from Aacadiana.

Kevin Faulk is the most decorated NFL champion in South Louisiana. He played in 4 Super Bowls as
a running back for the New England Patriots and won 3 rings.

JEFF: “When did it become a reality to you that you where actually going to play in a Super Bowl?”

KEVIN: “Kickoff. When all the camera’s started flashing that’s when you knew it was something special.

You don’t see camera’s flash like that for any game, from the stands from fans and the media. Just that feel is awesome.”

JEFF:“Two of your Super Bowl’s where played very close to Lafayette. 2nd one in Houston and the first in New Orleans. You got to play real close to your spot.”

KEVIN: “Funny part about the Houston one is we played in Houston that year in the regular season. So I had to get 100 tickets for my family.

Every last ticket was used up.

Coach Belichick was like ‘You know what I am going to get you 100 tickets if you’re going to play like that.’

Going back to (the) Super Bowl those same 100 wanted to go to the Super Bowl because that (is just) one of those games.”

JEFF: “You played in 4 Super Bowls and won 3. Did you think you would ever play in one none the less that many?”

KEVIN: “Never, I never thought I would make it to the NFL.

It’s tough when your younger once you get older you have to grow up. I was young and doing stuff.

To get to that point and understand how it works.

It’s a good feeling.”

JEFF: “Do you have any crazy stories leading into the Super Bowl or something that happened during a game.

KEVIN: “Funny one. I was coming in before Curfew. We were walking into the elevator and the first person we see on Elevator is Bill Belichick.
He is like hey fellas. Going in? Alright.”

JEFF: “Any specific play you think about and you say that was your play.”

KEVIN: “Direct snap. We practiced it all the time and we only used it a couple times. Yea that was it. Cause we got a 2 point conversion.”

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