Port Barre school remembers 7th grader found shot to death

It’s been almost a week since 15-year-old Travon Edwards was found dead not far from his home in Melville.

Edwards was a 7th-grade student at Port Barre High School, which also serves as a middle school for the area.

Teachers say everyone is still mourning his death.

“I remember the smile he gave me in the morning because I taught him first hour and the smile he left me with because I taught him last hour.” Said Melodie Meche, Port Barre Teacher.

He is now being remembered throughout the school.

His basketball coach, Arthur Prudomme, says Edwards whined on the court.

“On the basketball court you could really see his true personality and disposition shot. You were awarded with his friendship for those who actually cared enough to get to know him.”

Edwards was described as a funny and well-liked teenager.

Counselor, Janis Alston, tells KLFY’s Jazmin Thibodeaux his death hit many in the school very hard.

“We were devastated. The kids were just, it was a hard time keeping ourselves together you know some of the teachers broke down and everything. At times, I had to hide myself and cried because I wanted to be strong for the children.”

The school brought in extra counselors from around St. Landry Parish earlier this week to speak to students.

“They cried at the table and everything. They miss him and talked about the good days and about with kind of person he was.”

Edward’s funeral will be held Saturday morning at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Lebeau.

Port Barre High School will remember Edwards in a special segment at its annual black history program on February 24th at 9:00 a.m.

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