Predicting the winner of Super Bowl 50 – Cajun style!

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Millions are anticipating Super Bowl 50 and placing their bets on everything from who will be the MVP to who will win the coin toss.

We thought we’d make our own prediction but with a Cajun twist!

Even though the New Orleans Saints aren’t in the Golden Game I threw on my Saints jersey because I had to rep my team.

Then I headed over to Dwight’s restaurant.

First we drew up a football field and then came the fun part, drafting the players!

We selected each player, labeling them with orange stickers for the Denver Broncos and blue stickers for the Carolina Panthers.

dumping crawfish on to faux football fieldThen it was time to start the game!

22 crawfish compete for gridiron glory! It’s simple, whoever gets to the end zone first wins.

Like many super bowls, both teams get off to a sluggish start. But the crowd goes wild!

In the 4th quarter, Cam Neautahn and Peyteaun Manning (the proper Cajun spelling of the NFL QB’s names)  get locked up in a stalemate (or just hold hands).

But in the final minute the Panthers gain speed and cross the goal line for the win!

Carolina was the more aggressive team. And while Cam is heading to Disney World, Peyton and the Broncos are going to the cooking pot! 957C2FEA550446E381ED215778613A04

Now time to celebrate with some Bronco etouffee.


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