Preliminary talks of rezoning Congress St. continue with public meeting

The goal of Thursday’s preliminary congress corridor rezoning meeting was for attendees to understand current zoning and gather information about what residents and property owners would like to see in the future.

Attendees poured over maps of congress corridor zoning for more than an hour asking questions.

Carlee Alm-LaBar, Lafayette Consolidated Government Director of Planning, Zoning and

Development says it’s a process they don’t want to rush.

“Zoning is essentially what’s allowed on people’s property and what uses and development standards they have to comply with so we want to make sure we take any process of zoning or rezoning conversation very seriously.”

And it’s a conversation that’s been going on for years as part of the Unified Development Code or reclassification of areas in Lafayette which went into effect last year in December.

“We learned there were some areas that didn’t have the best zoning so we committed to those areas to come back to them.”

As talk continues, Alm-LaBar says a couple themes stand out.

“We heard from people all over the community that they wanted areas of town that were more pedestrian friendly.  The other thing is maybe integration…We want to talk about what it looks like when you transition from our downtown or communities downtown into the neighborhoods north of downtown.”

The next step is for the Lafayette Downtown Development Authority and LCG to review public input and propose a rezoning draft, a process that Alm-LaBar says may take a minimum of 2 and a half months.

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