Valentine’s Day surprise delivery; a healthy baby girl

Couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day with flowers and chocolates, but one couple received a special bundle of joy making this Valentines Day one they will never forget.

“Love is in the air!”

“It’s an amazing gift.”

Chad and Haley Hebert got an unexpected Valentine this year: “She was actually due March 3rd. It was a big surprise, a big surprise!””

Little Remee Rae Hebert made her arrival just before 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon.  Hebert says this isn’t the families first holiday baby.

“My sister was born on St. Patricks Day, I was born for Haley’s Comment and he was born on Sugar Cane Festival weekend, so we have our Valentine’s baby now.” Dad says from now on he will be buying roses for two. “Buy two of everything.””

Mom and Dad say they are overwhelmed with love and this is a Valentines Day they will never forget.

“We got Valentine’s Day so it worked out perfct. It’s a blessing.””



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