Convicted murder Jodi Arias loses visitation privileges after crude remark

Cropped Photo: Jodi Arias / Myspace / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Link
Photo: CNN / MGN
Photo: CNN / MGN

PHOENIX (CBS) — Convicted murder Jodi Arias will not be receiving visitors anytime soon.

KNXV-TV in Phoenix says Arias has lost visitation privileges for roughly 200 days as punishment for calling a female correctional officer a vulgar name.

According to an Arizona Department of Corrections report, Arias referred to the officer on Feb. 3 in a crude fashion while talking with another officer.

The report says Arias was upset because the officer denied her request for a haircut.When confronted, Arias acknowledged the name-calling.

But Arias told investigators she didn’t think the name meant anything sexual.

She says she knew the name to mean someone who stonewalls another person.

DOC spokesman Andrew Wilder says Arias must show good behavior for at least 180 days to regain her privileges.

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