Officials wants public’s opinion before decision on lifting bar ban downtown

Last month the City-Parish Council passed a resolution asking the rezoning commission to review a possible conditional use permit for new bars downtown.

Tonight’s meeting was mostly an ice breaker on the issue for the commission.

 “Tonight we are just briefing them on the council’s action and taking any questions from them as we look at developing a proposal.”

After planning Zoning and Development Director Carlee Alm-Labar talked to the commission.

Members of the commission spoke to the room about wanting to hear from the public in the upcoming weeks before they will make a decision.

“Public forums. I want to hear directly from the property owners, the residents, the DDA and all other conditional concerns about the bars and conditional use in the downtown area.”

Bar owners downtown and stakeholders spoke in agreement with the commission’s desire to reach out for the public’s opinion.

We are facing a financial crisis in Lafayette. We should be opening new businesses and collecting sales tax not keeping businesses from opening because of a 2003 bar moratorium whose time is over.” One business owner said.

With no deadline requirement set by the council, the commission says they will have a proposal written by March, with plans to hold public forums before any decision will be made.

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