Anchor Darla Montgomery takes viewers “Behind the Badge,” in a shoot don’t shoot drill

Police involved shootings and beatings have sparked protests in parts of the country ever since Rodney King’s beating was caught on video in 1991, but what about those who are sworn to protect and serve?

A website called officer down memorial page…dedicated to law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty…posts memorials and statistics.

In 2015, 132 law officers were killed on the job, nine of them were in Louisiana…three from right here in acadiana…Jeanerette Police Officer Juandre Gilliam, State Police Senior Trooper Steven Vincent and Sunset Police Officer Henry Nelson.

Law enforcement officers know the dangers of their job and in threatening situations, they rely on their training and skills.
Those skills could mean the difference between life and death for the people they protect and serve, their partners and themselves.
So how do they do they do it? We decided to find out.

“We’re going to get your gear on…push this button to remove your gun from the holster

The gun has paintballs – When i say “Strawberry, that means stop the scenario.

I suited up and went through real life scenario training in what’s commonly known as “Hogan’s Alley” – or a shoot don’t shoot drill.
I was surpised to find out i would be alone..which most officers are when dispatched to calls…but backup is already on the way.

Your first scenario a traffic stop – guy ran a stop sign and you pull him over –
game on!!
Officer Montgomery with LPD – sir step out of the car!

I was shot, but the adrenaline was pumping and the driver approaches hands up yelling for help – so i secure him and return fire taking out the suspect.
I immediately sheltered both of us behind the unit and then returned fire on the suspect.
in this case, the bad guy was the passenger who was attempting to rob the driver forcing him to a nearby atm – the nervous driver ran a stop sign prompting my traffic stop.

Good you did well…often times an officer may be injured but the will to protect and save someone’s life or yourself takes over until the situation is resolved – that’s what we want our officers to do, that’s what we teach them.

Scenario 2 –
Property owner wants vagrant off of his property –
game on!
So i approach the vagrant and plead with him to leave – he refuses and advances then he reaches in his pocket.
Sir get your hands out of your pocket!!!
I draw my weapon, but i don’t shoot.
Why did you draw your weapon?
I was afraid – he was in my personal space and he reached for something in his pocket..i felt threatened – but i was not going to shoot.
we teach our officers to use a barrier – you should have used your patrol car as a barrier – ask him questions – get a name – he could have been a wanted for murder or crimes somewhere else.

The final scenario? it’s nighttime…and it’s a domestic disturbance call…a man is holding a woman hostage and he’s weilding a knife.

game on!
Get off my property!!!
Officer Montgomery LPD – sir drop the knife!

The knife weilding man takes off running back into the appartment…i enter to see him stab the victim twice so i open fire striking him in the shoulder.

What did you see?
A man with a knife enter the apartment, i follow and see him stabbing the victim – so i shoot –
what else did you see? then i see the neighbor who called police – he had a cell phone so i did not shoot him. then i secured the victim.
you did well. we train our officers to assess quickly, react with skill and compassion.

Cpl Paul Mouton- you actually did an excellent job. you know you tried to slow yourself down even though things were happening quick for you. you tried to avoid having that tunnel vision but then when you did have to take action you made a decision and took action and that’s what we want our officers to do to ake appropriate action when it occurs and don’t freeze up so that we can provide safety not only ot our officers but the citizens we serve.

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