Cajundome Director: Remove confederate statue from city property and place in museum

Greg Davis says he intends to go before the council as a concerned individual.

Davis is most known as the Director of the Cajundome and for taking a stand on various community related issues.
Davis explains he’s stepping forward as a parent with the job of making sure Lafayette continues on the path of reconciling the past.
Davis says “yes” the monument should remain a part of history.
However, he believes it doesn’t belong on city property – but rather in a local museum.

“It should not stand on city property. the work of the confederacy that position is an insult to many in the community that do not view that part of our history.””

Davis says along with the group “y alfred” he’s requested the city parish council to place the monument as a discussion item on next week’s council agenda.
Davis adds that’s the meeting he will be attending.

“By having it on the agenda there’s an opportunity to actually have a discussion with the council about the removal of the monument.”

“very very dear to me. i spend alot of time at the monument in Lake Charles..””

Archie Toombs traveled here from Lake Charles to ensure people understand his position.
Toombs says he’s a member of the sons of confederate veterans.
He says the organization has about 15-hundred plus members in Louisiana.

“our main purpose is to honor our heritage and our ancestors.  alot of us dont ahve graves to go visit our ancestors and the monuments and everything you put up that gives us a place to go.””

“According to the Advertiser, there seems to be a legal judgement that prohibits the removal of the statue … Unless the city needs to do road work or the property is sold to someone else.
In Lafayette, Renee Allen, KLFY News Ten.

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