Christian radio host arrested for allegedly slapping woman’s butt

A Toledo Christian radio host was arrested after police say he inappropriately touched a woman.

Police say Mark Howington, 52, went into the bathroom at the Target on West Alexis Road and slapped a woman on the butt.

“I just wanted to go after him, because I didn’t want him to get away,” said “And I said “I need security right now.” And the manager came over to me and said “mam can I help you?” I said “yeah, some guy just assaulted me, hit me on my rear-end coming out of the lady’s restroom,'” said Debrah Piechowski.

When officers arrived, they say Howington was uncooperative. They also say they found the sharp end of a screwdriver inside his pocket and a small jar of Vaseline in his sock.

“Obviously he’s got some problems and I hope he gets help for it, but I’m no going to let it drop,” said Piechowski.

Howington is the co-host on Proclaim FM’s 102.3 morning show.

Those who know Howington are simply shocked.

“What’s been reported to the police is not the Mark that we know at Proclaim, the people who work with him, the listeners who have gotta to know him over the years,” said Barry Fissel, a board member for the station.

Still, the bio of Howington has been removed from Proclaim FM’s website. He has also been placed on leave while he goes through the legal process. However, Fissel would not say if Howington is being paid during his suspension, but offered their support to both Howington and the victim.

“We prayed for the woman who had reported the conduct to the police and we prayed for Mark and his family and the woman and her family. And that’s what we’re asking our listeners to do to, is just keep them in your prayers,” said Fissel.

Howington will be in court for the incident Wednesday morning. He now faces charges of assault, carrying a concealed weapon and obstruction of justice.

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