Debate continues over removal of Confederate monument in Lafayette

It started in South Carolina then moved it’s way to New Orleans, Baton Rouge and now it’s hit home right here in Lafayette. The controversial movement to remove historic confederate monuements.

“It’s a big history and I would hate to see, It almost makes me cry.” Said Wilton Trahan

Although it wasn’t on the agenda for the Lafayette Consolidated Governments meeting Tuesday night, The group Why Not Alfred, made it known on Facebook that they planned to speak to the council during the public forum.
Hoping to sway the council to keep the statue standing.

“We could use this as a community asset, we could make Lafayette proud. We could make it a premier part of history and culture Build around him, don’t turn him down.” said Ann Marie Hightower

Many members of the community
Came out to show their support including the Lafayette Museum.

This wouldn’t be the first time the removal of the statue has come into question.
The statue was nearly taken down in 1980, but stopped by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

“Prohibits anyone from moving that statue from where it is right now except for extremely limited restrictions. That is spelled out in the injunction, none of those circumstances exist right now.”

Members of the community say the statue isn’t up because of the negative historical aspect, rather the history of the confederate soldier.

“It’s not a symbol of invidious discrimination, it’s a representation of the grandson of the founder of this city.”

The council heard from the public but decided not to discuss the issue.
They plan to add the topic to the next scheduled meeting set for Tuesday, February 23rd.

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