Paramedic visits and dances with woman he aided

Information and photos provided by Acadian Ambulance

Photo Courtesy: Acadian Ambulance

Jamie Bergeron is well-known for his band, Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin Cajuns, but he is also a full-time Acadian Ambulance paramedic.

Last week, Bergeron transported Vickie, a patient with Down’s Syndrome, to the hospital.

They say Vickie was scared of the trip, but Jamie promised her she would get a surprise if she allowed him to transport her.

On Valentine’s Day, Jamie arrived at Vickie’s nursing home with an autographed CD, and took the time to dance with her. As you can see, she was very excited!

Vickie’s sister-in-law: “That meant everything to her! I just wanted to say thanks to Jamie Bergeron and Acadian Ambulance for expressing such a wonderful act of kindness!”


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