Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden.

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about the shade. We all love to sit in the shade, however when it comes to grass it can be difficult to get it to grow in the shade. Well we have a solution for you.

It’s not just the shade, it’s the denseness of the soil around the trees. It’s very tough and hard, thinning out your St. Augustine until you have nothing. You can grow grass under trees, it just takes a little work.

You need to incorporate a product like Turface, a porcelain clay particle that lasts ten years or better once you add it to your soil. It keeps the soil loose, aerates, and keeps the moisture in, all which let your roots grow deeper into the soil. If the soil is too tight St. Augustine can’t take root and grow deep enough down.

At the same time add your lime and fertilizer if you need and also compost. You need organics in the soil. Till up your soil add all these products in. You should use about a hundred pounds of turface to two hundred square feet. You have to use quite a bit, but t works and it lasts. Compost by itself works, but it won’t last. Once you have it all in your St. Augustine should grow. You can use an aerator, tiller or a tool like this to poke holes in the soil so when you put out your turface it falls into the holes.

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