Church youth group motivates kids through Saturday fun along with a little praise and worship

The CrossTown Outreach Ministry from Crossroads Church in Lafayette has found many creative ways to share their faith with the young people of the community.

Earlier today, the members met with the youth who live around the area of the Himbola Manor Apartment Complex to play games, do team-building activities, and study lessons through the stories of the Bible.

Jordan Adeniran, the Director of CrossTown Ministry said the church has been active in outreach work for the last eight years.

“Our vision is to raise leaders who in turn can help the next generation, and our goal is to build boys and girls so we wont have to repair men and women.”

While on site, the youth participants engage in a number of recreational activities, inclduing face painting, throwing and catching footballs, hoola-hooping, one-on-one conversations, and studying bible lessons.

“Alot of times we want to bring them to church, but our method is now to bring church to them.”


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