Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was no stranger to Acadiana

Justice Scalia is remembered for being a strict constructionist of the constitution, but to a close friend here in Acadiana he was just one of the guys.

“A little pack absolutely, but mostly a pretty good sized pack from all the eating that we did,” said Laborde.

PJ Laborde, lawyer and close friend of justice Scalia says they met in an unusual setting.

“I met him in a strange way, not through legal profession on any legal organizations, but at a duck camp,” said Laborde.

Laborde says every year he and Scalia camped in the Atchafayla Basin near Morgan City.

“He enjoyed Louisiana very much. He loved the airboat, alligators, the ducks, the different things that we’re familiar with here in Louisiana that he, being from New York City, never saw too many of,” said Laborde.

Laborde says Scalia was captivated by the southern charm of Louisiana.

“He was mesmerized I’ll tell you the truth. He just glowed when he came,” said Laborde.

Laborde says most of his fondest memories of Scalia were shred over a table of food.

“Oysters, Louisiana oysters were his favorite, and duck gumbo. He love Pouparts bread I mean everything that is related to Louisiana he just enjoyed and enjoyed the friends that he was with,” said Laborde.

Laborde says many think of Scalia as a strict conservative, but to him he will always be a life-long friend.

“Just that way just as your buddy, a guy that enjoyed a good meal, enjoyed a good story and he fit right in to that crowd. You know, just like one of the guys,” said Laborde.





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