Acadiana’s “fairy godmothers” accepting donations of prom dresses for young ladies in financial need

It’s not everyday you see a rack of gowns in the front of a restaurant, but that’s exactly what you’ll see when you walk into Deano’s Pizza.

Deano’s on Bertrand is teaming up with UL-Lafayette AmeriCorps Cinderella Project.

The goal is to help make prom possible for high school girls around Acadiana.

“Old prom dresses or any sort of formal gowns you can come and drop them off. If you have shoes or accessories you can drop those off too, and it’s basically so all the high school girls around the parish so they can get dresses if they can’t afford them. it’s just a way to help them out,”” said Gauthire.

Celia Gauthier is a hostess at Deano’s Pizza.

She attend the Cinderella Project event last year.

“I haven’t always had the best finical situation at home so having the ability to get a nice dress for prom and have that one day where you get dressed up and look pretty,” said Gauthire.

Gauthire says she is glad to help give back to a program that once helped her.

“It a nice experience and i’m glad that other people get to experience it too,”” said Gauthire.

The Cinderella Project will be held at the Cajundome on March 19.

If you have a dress you would like to donate you can drop them off at Deano’s Pizza, Bevo’s, UL-Lafayette Americorps Office or Cabelo Hair Salon.



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