Kalamazoo shooting spree suspect an Uber driver

Photo Credit: CBS News

Police have arrested 45 year old Jason Dalton of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and accused him of going on a shooting spree that killed at least six people and wounded several more. Investigators have so far called the violence random.

After Dalton’s mugshot was released to the public, dozens have taken to social media to claim Dalton was an Uber driver who was working not long before the shooting.

Neighbors say Dalton was paranoid in recent months, and known to fire off guns. Dalton does not have a criminal record, and he is expected to be arraigned sometime Monday. Sources told WWMT that Dalton works as an insurance adjuster.

So far, neither officials nor the company have commented on the accusation worked for the ride-sharing company. Police sources have confirmed to them Dalton worked for Uber.

Officials claim to have so far found no motive for the shootings, and have described them as “random.”

Dalton of Kalamazoo County was arrested early Sunday in downtown Kalamazoo following a massive manhunt after the shootings began early Saturday evening. He allegedly crashed his vehicle after gunning down one woman in an apartment complex, and later somehow obtained another.

Dalton was arrested without incident while waiting at a traffic light, according to officials. A semi-automatic weapon was seized during the arrest.

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