13-year-old Acadiana students makes 28 on ACT and scores perfect on I-leap

Meet thirteen-year-old Camille Hollier.As a seventh grader at Leonville Middle School, she scored a perfect grade on her I-leap test.
     “I was simply ecstatic, I couldn’t believe it because I hadn’t prepared for the I-Leap.” said Camille
As an eighth grader, she took the ACT
Yup you guessed it, she knocked it out of the ball park with a score of 28.

“I was pretty excited. I thought I could have done better, but obviously all the work I had done paid off.”


Camille is the student of the year for Leonville Middle School and went on to be chosen as the St.Landry Parish student of the year.
    “I practied a lot in the interview because I had never done an interview before that. I just kind of did my thing. I let myself be myself. said Camille
Camille says she has always loved school, and one day dreams of being a surgeon.
   “I think I want to go to LSU Med and I really want to go to an Ivy league.”
A decision heavily influenced by her younger brother Dylan.

“That kind of strengthened that for me. Now I know I have to be in the medical field, I want to develop medicine.” said Camille


Dylan was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when he was just eight years old.
    “Camille does extra checking on my carbs, and we make sure and we do extra checking. She’s really good at math. So we make sure that our carbs are fine.” said Dylan
Wherever her education takes her Camille said she’s just happy playing legos with her younger brother, and being a kid

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