NOPD: More officers to begin patrols this week

NOPD jacket (Photo: WWLTV)

NEW ORLEANS (WWL-TV) — The New Orleans Police Department announced starting Sunday, police presence in neighborhoods would increase.

The increase is a result of a major restructuring effort to add additional manpower on the street. NOPD officials said a total of 54 officers would be added to patrols. The NOPD said the effort aims to increase police presence and reduce violent crime in neighborhoods across the city.

“This new deployment strategy makes us more visible and gives us the resources we need to quickly dispatch an officer to a person in need,” NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison said. “I am committed to continuing to use our resources efficiently and effectively to give our community the police services they deserve. And as we continue to grow, every neighborhood will see more police.”

In order to make the restructuring happen, made changes to certain positions in its staff. First it consolidated staff positions and reassigned district duties. Then it  reassigned officers in the motorcycle division to district, so that officers who are specifically trained in traffic enforcement would now be in districts. NOPD also reassigned community coordinating sergeants and quality of life officers to patrol duties, saying this move puts more boots on the ground. also included were 28 recruits from NOPD Class #173, who have completed field training and will begin patrol duties April 24.

NOPD said having more officers available to respond to calls for service is expected to significantly decrease response times.

The moves are based on a review commissioned by Chief Harrison in 2015, that analyzed department staffing and resources to find the most effective ways to use staff in the NOPD. The results from Berkshire Advisors suggested adding a minimum of 94 officers to patrols.

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