Catholic school officials in Vermilion Parish dismiss students early

Photo Credit: KLFY

In Vermilion Parish, Catholic school administrators responded quickly after hearing there would be possible severe weather on the way.

All private school students were let out around 11:00 a.m. before the rain hit.

“We wanted to be safe and so we chose all of the feeder schools with Vermilion Catholic on the phone this morning. Principals spoke and decided it would be in the best interest to send them home before the weather,” said Mike Guilbeaux, Principal.

He said all parents and staff were immediately notified through a program called “Ring Web”.

One parent, Chere Bourque, is grateful for the fast action taken by school administrators.

“I think it’s wonderful. It gives the parents time to prepare and get their children home before the weather comes,” said Bourque.

Principal Guilbeaux said the diocese did send a warning out to all of the catholic schools in the area.

“The risk manager sent something out yesterday evening indicating to watch the weather and do what is necessary for the safety of the students,” said Guilbeaux.

Although it is a day off, Guilbeaux reminded students the work should not stop at home.

“A lot of students say well they don’t need to do this and prepare for tomorrow, but absolutely not. You do everything just like you do in class and homework is part of that,” said Guilbeaux.

Principal Guilbeaux said all after-school activities have been canceled.

Schools are expected to reopen Wednesday morning.

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