LPSS: Network made safer after malware attack

Photo: The Advertiser

The Lafayette Parish School System says it is better positioned to handle any future technology breaches after a virus infected some computers last week.

The district has installed new, anti-virus software across the district and isolated all infected devices.

Last Tuesday, staff members at the central office learned that several computers there had been infected by a Locky ransomware virus. Those computers were isolated and immediately taken off the district-wide network.

“Out of an abundance of caution, staff in the Technology Department disabled the network to prevent the spread of the malware via any computers that might not yet have been identified as infected,” the system said in a news release. “It is important to note that the Lafayette Parish School System was not held hostage by the ransomware Trojan, and no student data or business critical systems were compromised.”

The network shutdown meant that teachers and staff across the district could not perform online-based functions. However, officials said the teaching and learning process went on throughout the week as normal. All computers and devices were put back online by Monday.

“School system technicians took rational, safe steps to safeguard the network and its data, and because of new antivirus software and a number of other new tools, the district is now better positioned to handle any future security threats,” the news release said.

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