Teurlings Catholic dismisses early due to severe weather

Photo Credit: KLFY

Many schools in Acadiana closed or dismissed students early today due the severe weather.

Teurlings Catholic High School is one of them and alerted parents via text message to pick up their kids early Tuesday morning.

“I called, and they weren’t going to close, then I get a text that they were canceling school so I hurried up and got here. My son called me on the way and I said I’m on my way,” Mrs. Guidroz, a parent, said.

Parents showed up in droves after they got the text at about 10:30 am alerting them that school would be closing immediately.

This comes as we prepare for the threat of tornadoes, thunderstorms, strong winds and heavy rain in Acadiana.

Assistant Principal Bruce Baudier said the school’s Principal Michael Boyer made the call.

“He said he’s been in touch with the other principles in the area and they were going to be closing so we both felt the best thing would be to close now. If we would’ve waited we would be putting them in harms way getting them out late,” Baudier told KLFY’s Kellie Brown.

Baudier explained, they decided that it’s best to air on the side of caution because the bad weather was expected to begin moving in around the same time that the school day usually ends.

“We felt it was better to get them out now, like I said if you wait too late then it’s 2:30, and it’s bad now you got a hold them because you really don’t want them out on the road,” Baudier said.

“It’s kind of inconvenient of course, to leave work and have to come and get him but at 2 o’clock when we supposed to be coming to get him I think it’s going to be horrible,” another parent, Dawn Prejean said.

Students didn’t seem too disappointed about Tuesday’s early dismissal.

“We were just doing work when they said we were closing and I was pretty happy about it,” student Nick Guidroz told News 10.

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