Arizona woman disturbed by ex-husband’s revenge website

The Canadian man says he did it to "destroy her life."

Mobile users click here for video

(KPHO/CNN) — Patrick Fox was married to Desiree Capuano for less than a year — they have a son together and a few years ago the custody battle began.

Fox created a website in 2014 to, in his words, “destroy her life.”

The website contains all of Capuano’s personal details and photos. But Fox goes as far as calling her a drug addict, child abuser and white supremacist.

Capuano was shocked that her private life was out for the world to judge and twist and distort. She called police, homeland security and the FBI, but they told her there was nothing she could do.

Family attorney Douglas Gardner says “what he is doing protected by the first amendment freedom of speech.” He adds that if Fox defamed her or was harassing her, she’d have a case, but getting the site taken off the Internet would require a very long and costly legal battle.

Fox refuses to take the website down “because then she will continue to be the kind of mean, manipulative person that she is.”

“It’s a nonstop obsession and hatred,” Capuano said. “An obsession, I don’t know why.”

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