Civil Rights Group: Gremlins gang not real

Thugs and animals, phrases former Captain Clay Higgins used in a controversial video targeting suspected members of the Gremlin gang, angering a local civil rights group.

Civil Rights Group, True Healing Under God says the Gremlin gang is not real.

Civil Rights Activist John Barnett says these accused members are being denied their right to due process.

“We want to tell the city and the county and the state that there’s no Gremlin gang. It’s old activity of some rap group that came along and they are utilizing that, we believe strongly, just to get funding for gang initiatives,”” said Barnett.

But several law enforcement agencies including Louisiana State Police don’t agree . Saying this gang is very active and dangerous. This comes after a controversial video targeting the Gremlins, by former Captain Clay Higgins.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff, Bobby Guidroz says he has information proving the group does exist.

“Through intelligence working with other agencies in the Acadiana area, we are told there is a Gremlin’s gang, go down in Abbeville on Hawthorne Street or South East Street and walk between nine and midnight and see what happens, Guidroz said. .

Coretta Williams, Mother of one of the accused members says her son, and others are not gang members.

“They are being accused of it. They are innocent until proven guilty. There is no Gremlins gang in Vermilion Parish.”

But Sheriff Guidroz says the proof is out there.

“If one is to go to youtube and type in Gremlions gang you will see that these folks are on the internet showing what they show,” said Guidroz.

Barnett is fighting for each of the men to get a reduced bond and proper court date.

He says association with the gang is not fair for these men because it’s not true.



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