High turnout could bring surprise results in Texas on ‘Super Tuesday’

Photo Credit: KXAN

AUSTIN (KXAN) — We are just hours away from ballots being cast during Super Tuesday, the biggest day to date for the upcoming November election. A record-breaking turnout is expected and the question many have on their minds: Can anyone stop the train that is Donald Trump?

Clinton and Cruz are well known in the Lone Star State so they have an edge, but that could change if a wave of new voters go to the polls. Suddenly, this state looks competitive, so Cruz shows his face to defend his home turf, dedicating time and money.

“The only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump and can beat Donald Trump, is us,” said Sen. Ted Cruz at an event in San Antonio.

Analysts predict Ted Cruz to be under 50 percent of the total vote, so the delegates will be split up between several candidates. With that, Trump could come out close to the Texan. He was confident after the down and dirty Houston debate. “I’ve been here many, many times. I have many, many friends and I think I have a real shot at Texas,” said Trump.

For the Democrats, Bernie Sanders knows Secretary Hillary Clinton has the edge in the south and took a crash course through Texas as volunteers try to make an upset.

“With your help we can take a giant step forward in moving this political revolution. If we win here in Texas on Tuesday, with your help we will,” said Bernie Sanders earlier this week in Austin.

Former President Clinton showed up in support of his wife in Texas. “Hello San Antonio!” He shouted to a sold out crowd with former Senator Leticia Van De Putte and the well known Castro brothers.

Clinton and Cruz are the favorites but record turnout could schedule an upset. The more people show up to vote, the less we know what will happen in Texas.

Ted Cruz once bragged about winning the primary in 90 days by getting white conservatives and evangelicals to vote for him in Iowa, South Carolina, then locking it up in Texas. Well that 90 day strategy seems to be working, but for Trump instead of the Texas Senator.

Before this, the race went to individual states, but Super Tuesday is more than a dozen states. Candidates can’t be everywhere, so they go to the major media markets like Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas-Fort Worth.

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