St. Martin Parish council to discuss video poker ordinance

Throughout St. Martin Parish, a major attraction is video poker games at truck stops and casinos.

“The state came on and passed a new law where thiry-six months after closing a video poker machine there has to be a special ordinance that’s put into place or after that you cannot open a video poker machine.” said Councilman Albert Menard

One truck top in particular, who was not grandfathered in before the state passed this restriction, is asking for the councils help.

“They are down to about 32 months or 30 months and they are asking us to be in compliance with the state ordinance.” said Menard

The amendment was introduced to the council at tonights meeting.

They will meet again on April 5th, to hold a public hearing before placing a vote.

“I am at a neutral ground here today. I can’t tell you that I am with it or against it. I haven’t had anybody that was opposed of it as of now.” said Menard

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