Presidential primary comes to Louisiana

Early voting for this year’s presidential primary more than doubled compared to 2012.  So far it’s a tight race for both the Democrats and Republicans.

“It’s very cutthroat.” said Jacob Hargrave a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who will be voting on Saturday. “It’s very hand on hand. I’m really torn between who.  I don’t know who is going to win.”

By Saturday evening, registered Democrats and Republicans in Louisiana will have officially endorsed their preferred candidates.

“Since my man Ben Carson dropped out, it’s going to have to be Trump.” said Hargrave.  “Donald Trump is going to run this country like a business and I think it (America) needs some kind of steering financially.”

On Friday a couple candidates made their way to the pelican state.  With Hillary Clinton campaigning in Michigan, her husband Bill Clinton spoke on her behalf in Baton Rouge Thursday night and in New Orleans Friday morning.

“We got more jobs, but they’re not the higher paying jobs and we’re not raising incomes. That’s not hard to do.  We have to emphasize modernizing our infrastructure.” said Clinton.

On the Republican side, Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke out against GOP front-runner Donald Trump in Mandeville.

“Donald Trump embodies that Washington corruption that we are angry about.” said Cruz.  “The answer to that corruption is not to go with someone who has been funding liberal democrats for four decades.”

In his second visit to Louisiana, Donald Trump held a rally in New Orleans.

“Tomorrow is a big big day.  You got to get out and vote.”

Poll open at 7 a.m. Saturday and close at 8 p.m.

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