St. Landry family reacts to losing home in yesterday’s fire

A family of eight is now without a place to call home after a devastating fire broke out leaving nothing behind but ashes.

Megan Jack’s parent’s home was destroyed in a fire, which happened Thursday afternoon.

“I have a lot of memories in the house. Memories that can’t be replaced.”

“My main concern was the safety of the kids and the safety of my parents. My husband actually busted a window with a brick to make sure that nobody was left behind.”

Jack says her parents, uncle and their five children all lived in the house.

The children were coming home from school when they started smelling smoke.

“They were actually getting off the bus when all of this occurred.”

Jack says the family was able to escape safely, but all of their possessions were lost.

She tells KLFY’s Carly Laing that the house had been in her family for many years.

“That was my grandparents’ house and my grandfather built that from the ground up.”

Jack’s mother is a two-time cancer survivor, whose parents also fostered over 100 children in the home.

“And I know it’s just material things that can be replaced but you never know the memories you had, old picture, you can’t bring that back.”

While sifting through ashes and rubble, Jack was amazed to find a cross, bible and other religious items unharmed.

She said it brought them peace knowing they were not alone.

“You would think a house that was engulfed in flames, you would have lost everything, but, of course, God always shows a way and shows that he is always here at all times to protect us.”

If you would like to help to the family get back on their feet you can drop off donations at the St. Landry Parish District 3 Fire Department or the Churchpoint Newspaper Office.

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