Changes coming to Target’s grocery sections, loyalty program


Target Corporation announced major changes are coming to the stores’ grocery sections and the loyalty program, NBC New York reported citing the corporation’s statement.

Aiming at becoming a one-stop shopping destination for all its customers, Target promised “rolling changes in assortment, presentation, freshness, displays, signage” in the grocery lines, NBC New York reported.

The loyalty program REDCard will also become more simple and easier to participate in, the company said in the statement.

Target’s digital channel sales went up 34 percent in 2015. The company said they were testing a separate “order pickup” line in some stores.

Some stores in the Minneapolis area also started testing online grocery delivery service that allowed shoppers to purchase daily necessities including produce and have them delivered within an hour.

The latest designer to be featured at Target is the finish design house Marimekko, the brand’s bold prints and cheerful colors will hit Target’s shelves April 17, according to Target’s press release.

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