Carencro residents prep for potential of heavy rainfall

With the heavy rain expected, drains will soon be filled with water and residents in Carencro fear a repeat of the flood of 2012.

“We are afraid. We can’t sleep when it rains.”

That’s the feeling several residents in two Carencro neighborhoods get when heavy rain is forecasted.  Kimberly Arceneaux lives in the Envie Subdivision.  She says the neighborhood is prone to flooding.

“We’re just on the look out. Everytime it rains the water gets up in the ditches, the streets start to fill up, so just kind of on edge right now.”

Arceneaux says after their experience in 2012, every time it rains she and her husband fear the possibility of damage again.

“We still have damage in the house we still have baseboards not put up, so we are still trying to get back on track so hopefully nothing happens.”

And thats not the only problem area for Carencro.  Fado Road is also known to flood. “We are worried. We hate to see water in the house.”

Neighbors say it’s not uncommon to see flood water after a heavy rain.  “One year I think we had seventeen inches of water.” said a neighbor.

They say after the 2012 flooding, a large ditch was dug behind the neighborhood.  They say this has been a big help during heavy rain.

“It helps a lot but I don’t know if it can hold as much water as they say is coming.”

Heavy rain is expected over the next few days.

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