Lafayette Parish School Board takes another look at school uniform policy

What your child can wear to school today — might not make the cut next school year.  The Lafayette Parish School Board is taking a look at changing its school uniform policy.
LPSS Chief administrative Officer Joe Craig says the proposed school uniform policy change mainly applies to the shirts high school students wear.

According to the recommendation, all high schools will have their own individual color; that’s a different color for each high school. If approved, the policy change will go into effect in the fall.
“We want to give the vendors in town time to adjust their ordering so they can have the right color shirts in stock. If they need more khaki pants, as oppose to navy or black.”

The Discipline Committee is also recommending pants, skirts and shorts are khaki only. Craig believes the uniformity in color will make it easier to spot a person who shouldn’t be on school grounds.

Chances are the color of his or her shirt will be different from everyone elses. He confirms that safety’s a major factor for the committee’s school uniform recommedation.
“While the students all wear ID’s, you need to be close up to see that. Here you can see the difference in students from the other students from a distance,” says Craig.

The proposed color suggestions are that Acadiana High will wear hunter green, Carenro and Comeaux High Schools are going for navy colored shirts, David Thibodaux STEM royal blue, Lafayette High School black and Northside High red. “The principal requested that everybody just wear khaki. It’s like a uniform policy,” adds Craig.

This newly proposed policy does not apply to middle and elementary schools. The board is expected to vote on the policy suggestions during April’s meeting.

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