Students rewarded with scholarships for desining benches

Photo Credit: KLFY

If you’re walking downtown Lafayette you may notice fresh artwork on some of the benches.

The designs are compliments of the Acadiana Art Works Organization.

The founders applied for a Young Leaders Award that granted them $10,000.

Students submitted designs for the benches throughout downtown.

Saturday night was the second round of winners were chosen to paint their design onto a bench. They also received a scholarship.

One design winner chose to paint a bike in memory of Mickey Schunick.

“My project was the bike I drew a bike and it was about the Mickey Shunick incident, and I know the Mickey Shunick incident was very important to Lafayette; heart touching so I wanted to contribute to that and dedicate something to her because I know her incident was very tragic,” the winner said.

Co-owners Shelly Breaux and Kate Durio hope to hold another design competition next year to help local art students as well as continue to brighten up downtown.

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