12,000 homes flooded across state

Photo: Photo via Husser Volunteer Fire Department)

BATON ROUGE (WWL) — State and local officials are still tallying up the damage from the historic flooding across Louisiana, where more than 12,000 homes flooded across the state.

Thursday morning, Gov. John Bel Edwards and FEMA administrator Craig Fugate met in Baton Rouge to discuss the flooding.

Edwards announced that so far the federal government has declared 26 out of the more than 60 parishes across the state major disaster areas. Eleven other parishes are now being considered for potential declarations as well.

Edwards and Fugate talked about the federal disaster relief that will soon be available in the hard hit areas.

As the state tally’s up the damage from the severe weather and flood event, here’s what we know so far:

– Up to 12,000 homes received flood damage across Louisiana — that figure is expected to climb as more parishes complete their assessments.

– During this event, more than 21,000 people were evacuated, along with 800 pets.

– As of Thursday morning, more than 200 people were still in various evacuation shelters across the state.

The federal government will be offering potential individual assistance for victims that did not live in a flood zone but still flooded.

Fugate said flood victims may also be able to qualify small business association loans and FEMA grants. “We will continue to provide assistance as the governor requests, but right now the important steps we can ask people to take are to register with FEMA.”

Fugate said this recent flood event is another example of why all homeowners, even those that don’t live in a flood zone — should purchase flood insurance.

The flood insurance program has already paid out more than $2.5 million in claims in Louisiana.

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