Costco’s grand opening brings huge wave of new members

Shoppers can now get groceries, eye exams, and even pick out furniture all under one roof. The Ambassador Town Center was buzzing with customers for the anchor store, Costco’s grand opening and the doors opened just before eight Thursday morning.

Customers didn’t waste time filling up their baskets.

“It’s the best store I’ve ever been too by far!”

Lyle Chauvin has lived all over the U.S. and says he’s been a faithful Costco customer for many years, but during his ten years in Lafayette says he’s missed shopping at his favorite store.

“We were all excited about coming here today. Costco is great, the service is wonderful and they have cheap prices.”

The town center is bringing many new stores to the area including Dicks Sporting Goods and Field and Stream.

Costco Warehouse Manager Greg Brenner says the stores has seen a huge wave of new members.

“Well over a thousand members every week. Absolutely, a lot of people coming to check us out today.”

Residents have anticipated the opening of the Town Center for nearly five years.

Brenner says Costco is bringing much more than just materials items to Acadiana.

“Well definitely the impact on the job market and obviously the economic impact as well. Obviously our goal is to be the low price leader and we will be the low price leader on every item.”

Several other stores in the Ambassador Town Center will be opening up over the next few weeks.

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