La. National Guard along with Crossroads Baptist Church help those in Calcaseiu Parish

The Louisiana National Guard along with Crossroads Baptist Church in Vinton.

In Calcaseiu Parish along Old Highway 90, runoff from the Sabine River has completely flooded the roadway.

As flooding plagues most of West Calcaseiu, the National Guard has a mobile command post set up at exit 4 in Toomey Louisiana, but their efforts reach much further.

Staff Sergeant Erich Salvesen tells KLFY’s Dalfred Jones,

“Primarily, we’ve been helping people get out of their homes either before or after they got flooded in. Recovering people that are in areas that are flooding in and can’t get out. And just trying to help people along the way”

Not only are is the National Guard helping but Crossroads Baptist Church in Vinton is stepping up to the plate too. Pastor Rob Tibbitts and members of the congregations have voluntarily opened their doors to the community and first responders.

“We are set up and helping to feed our first responders; the guys that are out in The Bluff where everybody’s house is underwater. We want to take care of those guys. We’ve got the National Guard, sheriff’s department and every kind of agency you can imagine. Our church said we want to feed those guys, they’re serving us, we want to serve them.”

Many volunteers at the church have made it their temporary home as several of their estates have been flooded, in some cases under several feet of water.

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