Travelers react to I-10 closure

DOTD officials tell KLFY that the interstate is still closed at the Louisiana, Texas state line.

KLFY’s Kellie Brown catches up with some travelers to hear their frustrations.

Linda Delaughter is a traveler trying to find the best route to Houston to make it in time to meet her grandchild.

“Our daughter is going to have a baby tonight so we need to get over there.”

Interstate 10 has been closed in both directions at the Louisiana-Texas state border since Tuesday morning, with officials saying that there’s no timeline on I-10 reopening.

Rising water from the Sabine River has covered that part of the interstate for three days in a row.

Truck drivers seem to be the most affected by the closure, Laura Gaylin says the inconvenience has re-routed her entire hourly work schedule.

“We’re only allowed to work 14 and only allowed to drive 11. And I’m almost at the end of my 11. I’ve been driving since Alabama,” Says Gaylin, “I’m heading for Houston Texas with night transportation, I can’t swing north. I’m heading for Houston it’s in the wrong direction, too much fuel, too much cost, I’ll just shut down for the night.”

She tells KLFY that she’s going to have to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning so that she can make her 6 o’clock appointment. She says that she isn’t the only driver shutting down for the day.

“We have to keep an eye on our cost because it’s our overhead. Also, I want my bonuses and everything and this goes against my bonus if I got to drive out of route. Even if it’s for an accident.”

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