Trooper comforts toddler after pursuit ends in crash

A west Tennessee State Trooper is being named a hero after she comforted a child when a pursuit ended in a car crash.

Trooper Mariah Hardin was sent to the scene of a crash Thursday which involved a three year old girl.

“I just felt so bad because she was only three years old and sweet as can be,” recalls Hardin.

She rushed to the scene, and when they told her a child was involved she pulled the little girl from the wreckage and into her arms.

Hardin held the child for almost an hour while crews cleared the scene.

‘I thought if that’s my kid, I would want someone to hold onto her and let her know it’s OK,” said Hardin.

The child was inside the car during a high-speed pursuit with the child’s mother, who later crashed.

Hardin helped first responders install the child’s car seat into another vehicle. Troopers say the child was not restrained properly during the crash.

Despite all the attention trooper Hardin has been getting because of her actions, she says it’s all part of wearing the badge.

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