Arrest made in weekend shooting death in Opelousas

Opelousas Police Chief Donald Thompson is adamant about addressing the gun violence in the city after an 18 year old was charged with first degree murder in a shooting Saturday.

Police believe 18 year old Davien Bell was in a vehicle with 38 year old Kevin Roberts when he grabbed Roberts weapon, stepped out of the passenger side door and opened fire into the vehicle.

“We later find that the victim that was laying in the middle of Fern Street was identified as Kevin Roberts.” said Chief Thompson

Thompson stressed the important role the public played in helping to solve the case quickly.

“Without them I can tell you we wouldn’t have solved this case as quickly as we did.” said Thompson

When Bell was connected to Saturday’s shooting , he was already in custody for a separate crime he committed, on Sunday, when he broke into a vehicle and stole a fire arm.

“These kids are getting very comfortable playing with these guns and not only playing with them but using them to take a human life.” said Chief Thompson

Thompson had a clear message for a self named mafia group , Bell is believed to be apart of.

“Let me send this message out loud and clear, NOT IN MY CITY! NOT IN MY CITY!  We are hitting the streets hard and heavy.” said Thompson

Bell is being charged with first degree murder and illega possession of a stolen fire arm.



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