Close calls: Lafayette High exchange students recently returned from studying abroad

Lafayette High School exchange students, whose trip to Paris was suddenly cancelled after the November terrorist attacks, are now reliving the same nightmare.

Back in November, the exchange group made it to Atlanta before their trip to Paris was cancelled due to the terrorist attacks.

That trip was rescheduled for March, 11. The students spent more than a week in France.

They returned Sunday, just days before this attack in Belgium.

“It’s a little scary to hear that these attacks occurred. I was happy that not only were they here, but that they got to go on the trip,” Amy Sarrazin told KLFY.

Sarrazin’s son was one of the eleven students on the trip.

They were studying abroad in Paris-just two hours from Brussels.

She says she never expected to be so close to a terrorist attack, twice.

“It makes me think about if that was my own child in that actual situation, how hard that would be,” she said.

Sarrazin also has close family and friends in Brussels and her friends’ daughter takes the exact metro that was attacked to work every day.

“She usually takes that particular metro, but she decided to drive. Their daughter could have been a causality today, but she’s not. I guess it was just fate,” Sarrazin explained.

Lindsay Doucet, who organizes the exchange group’s trip, says the chain of events is unsettling.

“Everyone talked about the irony of us being there. We weren’t able to go, and then when we were there is when they caught the last guy. They were really talking about that with a kind of finality, and then everything changes,” Doucet said.

Doucet says despite what happened, she hopes students can continue to travel abroad and learn about different cultures.


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