Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden.

Today on your lawn and garden we’re planting holes, but why? John is gonna tell us about fertilizing.

That’s right we’re gonna fertilize a pecan tree. You can do fruit trees, but mainly pecans right now. If you have a tree 6 inches or larger, what you want to do is put two pounds per inch in diameter. If you have a 24 inch tree you’d use 48 pounds of fertilizer. I usually use a post-hole digger for a tree that size. Five pounds per hole. Around the drip line of the tree. For smaller trees we have these earth augers you can use to drill the holes and fertilize them.

An auger looks like a drill, you just hook it to your drill and it makes it a lot easier.

You may also have trouble with insects and disease on your trees, but if you put these products out you’re not gonna have a problem. For insects I have Cyonara which works great on stink bugs and everything. Stink bugs do a lot of damage to pecans. They’re the ones that make a black spot on the pecan, they sting them when they’re in the green shell and it goes through to the meat and it ruins it. This will get rid of aphids and anything else. For a fungicide I have this Liquid Copper and you can spray your pecan tree for black spot and different things that they get on the leaves. It works great and it is safe to use.

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