Police investigate threatening message found in restroom at Eunice High


Eunice police said Tuesday they are investigating a threatening message found in a boys restroom at Eunice High School.

Police Chief Randy Fontenot did not give details on the message, but he did say that it was found at the end of the school day Tuesday and involved a shooting incident that is scheduled to happen at the school on Wednesday, 3/23.

Fontenot said a student found the message and notified a staff member who then contacted administrators.

Chief Fontenot did not say if the message was directed at anyone in particular but he did say that his officers, along with members of the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office and the City Marshal’s Office would increase patrol at the school on Wednesday and that students would be subject to a backpack check.

He also said that female students would have their purses checked and that metal detectors will be used at the school on Wednesday and in the coming days.

Parents were advised of the incident through a notice sent via facebook by School Principal Mitch Fontenot.


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