Reaction from Acadiana man with ties to Belgium

Terrorism is no foreign act in here in the United States, but the Tuesday morning attacks almost 5,000 miles away in Brussels, hit one Acadiana resident close to home.

Philippe Gustin, International Trade Manager for Lafayette Consolidated Government, is a native of Belgium and has lived in Louisiana since 1974.

Although he made the move to the U.S, his brother and sister are back in their homeland. “They live in Brusells, fortunately, they’re safe” said Gustin.

What’s more frightening for him is that he, along with a group from UL, were in the Brusells airport four days ago, in the exact location of the attack.

“The bomb was at 8 a.m. precisely near the American Airlines check in counters.”

The death toll is at 36, in addition to another 230 injured. Gustin says the timing and location of the attack is no coincidence.

“I have a feeling that they chose that location because they knew there would be not only Belgium people there but also a lot of American people.”

Gustin says he will alert the public via social and news media if support efforts for Brussels will take place here at the International Center.


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