EF1 Tornado makes it way through Lake Charles

Early Thursday morning an isolated tornado with winds at 100 mph made its way through Lake Charles off of highway 14.

The National Weather service of Lake Charles confirmed that the line of storms ahead of a cold front produced an EF1 tornado at 7:45 a.m.

No injuries were reported but there were reports of damage.

Of the damage reported, one roof was torn off a home and the debris made its way down the block. Tree damage was also a result of the short live tornado around the neighborhood.

Christopher Fontenot who happened to be in the area at the time says he heard a big boom and when he looked in the sky and it was black.

Families and friends gathered to make sure their loved ones were okay and help clean up.

Ms. Pearly, a retired cosmetologist tells us she was sleeping in her bed and woke up to her roof being ripped off. She’s lived in the same house in Lake Charles for 37 years and has never seen anything like this before. The tornado gutted Ms. Pearly’s home from the bedroom to the bathroom and all the way to the dining room.

“We wasn’t even supposed to get but a little bit of rain. I don’t know where this came from, its God’s work, so I can’t question it.”

A good friend of Ms. Pearly, Diana Malbrough tells KLFY’s Brooke Silverang,

“Things can be replaced, a life as precious as hers for being here for 37 years in this residence, in this area, may God bless her.”

The Red Cross says, they will do the best they can to help out and help the residents of the area get back to normal.

Disaster program specialist with the American Red Cross, Craig Ryan, says after they evaluate the area and damage, they’ll provide shelter to the victims for a few nights, and will provide food and clothing if necessary.

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