Chuy’s and Cajun Sno see huge crowds over Easter holiday weekend

While many people spent this Easter weekend with family some decided to enjoy a meal at a restaurant and dessert at a popular sno ball stand.  Chuy’s, one of Lafayette’s newest eateries saw huge crowds.

It’s the first Chuy’s, an Austin, Texas chain, to open in Louisiana and it’s located in the Ambassador Town Center.

But what really catches customers eyes is all the quirky decor in the restaurant.
There’s a hub cap room and over a thousand hand carved and painted wooden fish.
Three generations of a family in Mexico have been making the decorations for chuys.
But the ‘dog wall’ or chiuahua bar, is a big hit. Customers are encouraged to bring in 4 by 6 or 5 by 7 framed picture of their canine companions.

SOT: General Manager, Chuy’s

And, although it may have been a little rainy earlier today, overall it’s been a warm weekend…and the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cold treat…After all that easter candy of course!
Cajun Sno officially opened back up for business earlier this week and customers couldn’t get enough sno balls this weekend.
The popular snow ball stand closed mid january after an accidental fire destroyed the building.

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