Prom night to remember in Louisiana for kids with cancer

For Tony Orlando Friday night was special, not only is he celebrating being 8 years of being cancer free but it’s also prom night.

Tony along with nearly 200 other kids battling devastating blood disorders and cancers strutted their stuff dressed to the nines down the red carpet.

“I was excited and nervous at the same time because everybody was just looking at me,” said Tony.
The paparazzi, their parents, like Raul Jackson.

“My son is husband ready in there. He has on the cream jacket with the black pants. He is looking good. I’m so proud of him,” said Jackson.

Or Lauren Beuhler who said it was her first time seeing her son, Jordan, in a tuxedo. “He missed out on so much during the last year. He wasn’t able to go to his first homecoming or anything because he was stuck in the hospital for a whole year so this is going to be awesome for him.”

it was the 6th annual Prom of Champions. A night for these kids to be among their peers and cut loose.

“Up until now I’ve just felt like I’m not exactly with anyone else. I’m just all alone in a box, but meeting everyone else here tonight will help me realize that there are others out there like me,” said Orlando.

A night to forget their worries for just a moment and send a message to everyone watching them.

“I want them to see that we have hope,” said Orlando.


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